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Welcome to the Spielwerk Hamburg - The Game Designer's Guild of Hamburg, Germany

The Spielwerk Hamburg is a game design guild and a creative playground for game designers and hobby gamers alike. Together we design and refine board- and card games that are emersive, challenging and simply fun. We support each other with our individual strengths to create powerful gaming experiences that meet the expectations of different types of gamers and publishers alike.

We make it our goal to motivate people to engage in playful creativity and to shine a light on board games and their designers. Together with our partners from the gaming industry and our network of designers, illustrators and publishers we host numerous events, workshops and talks for newcomers, veterans and the general public. At our monthly game-prototype events we play, test and tinker together with about 30 designers, developers and playtesters from all over Northern Germany.

The Spielwerk Hamburg was founded in early 2014 and has grown to be the largest game designer's guild in Northern Germany. We have more than 20 active members who drive forward our ideas and projects.

If you are interested in learning more about or projects or have any other question, feel free to contact us at info@spielwerkhamburg.de.

Happy gaming,
Shaun from the Spielwerk Hamburg